A faulty patch has kept Destiny 2 offline for more than 17 hours

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Image: Bungie

Destiny 2 has been forced offline for more than 17 hours, after Bungie issued a faulty patch that caused issues for players. Bungie issued a regular game patch to tweak Destiny 2’s sandbox on Tuesday, but many players quickly realized the game had deleted triumphs, seals, and catalysts. Bungie’s fix will involved rolling back its servers.

Bungie brought Destiny 2 offline to investigate the issue at 2PM ET on Tuesday, two hours after the patch was first released. After hours of testing and investigation, Bungie confirmed it will be “rolling back all player accounts to their state as of 8:20AM PST.”

We are testing a fix. Once testing is complete, we will deploy and verify the fix before bringing Destiny 2 back online.

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