Disney’s new Tron action figures put your face and voice into the Grid

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Each figurine has a screen in its helmet to show off your face. | Image: Disney

What’s better than a cool Tron action figure? A cool Tron action figure with your face and voice, obviously.

That’s the idea behind the Tron Identity Program, a new piece of merch that Disney will be selling visitors to the Lightcycle attraction that’s opening in Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World Florida on April 4th. The idea is that you get your face scanned, record six lines of dialogue, and then manually customize your character’s look with different helmets, bodies, and team colors, and you’re left with a figurine that feels truly “you.”

It’s a not dissimilar idea to Hasbro’s Selfie Series, which 3D prints your head onto an action figure of your choosing after you scan your face with an app. But while Hasbro is going down a 3D…

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