It’s on sight between Ali Wong and Steven Yeun in Beef’s first trailer

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Ali Wong as Amy Lau and Steven Yeun as Danny Cho in Beef. | Netflix

For many people, the waves of rage that take hold whenever someone cuts them off in traffic come as quickly as they go, but that could not be further from the truth for the aggrieved strangers in the first trailer for Netflix and A24’s upcoming series Beef from Lee Sung Jin starring Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

Before the pair first meets one fateful day, neither Danny Cho (Yeun) nor Amy Lau (Wong) have any way of knowing just how hopeless, burned out, and adrift the other is feeling about their personal lives. Though Amy seemingly has it all — a loving husband named George (Joseph Lee), kids, and a beautiful home — she can’t help but feel there’s something deeply important missing in her life that her family can’t fix. Danny, a contractor…

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